When you were a kid (or may be even as an adult), did you ever build a sandcastle to only have the sea come in and wash it away or someone’s feet squash it?


No solid foundations meant it stood no chance of surviving!


Many people know of a story that Christ told about two men building a house – one did so on rock, the other on sand. When a storm came, only one house was left standing. No prizes for guessing which one!   (Check out Matthew 7:24-27)


As we gather now as a community after the summer time, we will take a few weeks to look at some ‘foundations’ for ICL. This will include considering –

  • the call to be Christ centred
  • being an international community journeying together
  • having a sense of being ‘planted’ (Isaiah 61:3)
  • what does it mean to worship, grow and serve

Reflecting on this all in the reality of the Leiden area and beyond!