Growing Leaders

NEW COURSE PROPOSED TO BEGIN ONCE A MONTH FROM SEPT 2017 (two sessions in October, last session will be March 2018)

Leadership is important in all aspects of society as well as in church community life. Do you believe it is not just for a special chosen elite? If so, what makes for a man or woman or young person being a good leader?

Growing Leaders exists to help those already in leadership roles or interested in leadership to explore and find out more about leading within a Christian world view framework.

Linking in with ICL’s mission statement, the purpose includes:

  • Exploring how any leadership roles/development we presently have or begin to move into, can be to His honour as part of a lifestyle of worship.
  • Growing in our understanding and exercising of leadership, flowing from who we are in Christ.
  • Being more empowered and equipped to serve in our homes, at our work/study places, in society as well as in our church setting.


  1. Leadership Matters – why is leadership important and what type of leadership
  2. Establishing Identity – who we are in Christ and living in a cycle of grace
  3. Developing Character – including about emotionally healthy spirituality and Christian disciplines
  4. Focus of a leader – looking at vision and purpose
  5. Developing others
  6. Handling conflict and criticism
  7. Serving together – the opportunities and challenges of being team.
  8. Embracing cost and staying fresh

Different members of the leadership team at ICL will head up the sessions. There is a course book and some photocopying that we ask for a voluntary contribution towards (though we do not want money to be a block to anyone taking part).

Where possible we try and link everyone taking part with a mentor that they can chat things over with (some participants chat with someone via Skype – whatever works best for someone).

If you would like to know more, please contact Andy via