What We Do

Our desire is to be a community that is Christ-centred and relevant for people’s lives. So we seek to have vibrant activities for all ages including the kids and youth. During the week, adults can be part of Connect Groups where community can really be expressed more. Plus our Toddlers Group also builds connection. Students can get involved with Radiate which is specifically geared for student life.

We also have opportunities for men to meet up and for women to do so too. No you cannot gatecrash events of the other gender : )  Even if the food is going to be good!!!

Serving is something we are passionate about also, whether that be on Sundays through different service teams or in the week (check out ICL Acts/Serve the City and Service Teams).

It is great to have opportunities to grow and we believe that training can help with this. Various options take place within ICL as a community.

In all that we do, we want the Lord to be honoured and so connection with Him is vital. That is why we see prayer as being a foundation to all we do.

Hope you find what you are looking for. If you cannot, please get in touch.