Kids and Youth

Family Ministry Introduction:

Kids and young people form a vital part of ICL as a community. We want them all to feel welcome and included. This is one of the reasons we seek to do everything in English and Dutch where possible with the kids and younger youth.

All our activities for kids and young people are overseen by our Family Ministry teams, co-ordinated by Jetse Siebenga. He can be contacted at:

We value all of our children and young people very much and therefore have a child protection policy in place.  Jetse along with Helen Vince act as the Child Protection Co-ordinators. They act on behalf of the eldership team.

All volunteers for teams are asked to fill in an application form, giving references as well as be willing to have a ;good behaviour check'(verklaring) carried out. Child Protection training is provided for team members.

A copy of the ICL Child Protection policy can be asked for on request.

Below is information firstly about the Kids groups and the Youth. After this comes information on the ethos of the Family Ministry teams.


When we meet on Sundays, the children have their own kid friendly activities. However, several times per year we keep the whole congregation together for a Family Service.

Nursery (0-3)  ICL provides a nursery for children ages birth to three years old every Sunday morning. Our goal is that these children experience love from caring workers and learn that God loves them.

Kingdom Kids (4-6)  ICL provides a class for children ages four to six years old called Kingdom Kids. In this class children have fun activities to learn to love God and love others.

Cool Kids (7-11)  Cool Kids is a fun time of music, games and lessons about God and the values He has for our lives. It is for children 7-11 years old.

Fundag –  this is a monthly kids club in Dutch on a Saturday. It takes place in the Merenwijk (NE part of Leiden). More details:


Young people are a really important part of ICL. “Yeah right!” you might say. But we really mean it! We know that often church can seem like it is either for kids or those ancient beings called ‘adults’. But you are a vital part too. Check out the possibilities below:

Second Breakfast – Ages 11-13 meet on Sunday mornings. There are occasional weekend social things too, getting together with other youth groups or going away together for the weekend. So why not get aboard for a mix of learning about having a vibrant faith in the Lord, fun, food and hanging out together. Come and enjoy a Second Breakfast!

Ignite – Age 14 plus meet every other Sunday (1st and 3rd) and on every other Friday evening (usually 2nd and 4th Fridays). There is a great mix of different activities to help you grow in your faith and time to hang out with friends, watch movies and so on.

On the 2nd Sunday of the month, Ignite stays in the service with the adults and on the 4th they serve in different areas of ICL.

Family Ministry Ethos:

Our aim at ICL within the Family Ministry (0s to 18s) is to:

  • Give every child and young person connected with ICL the opportunity to explore and connect with faith in Christ in a relevant way and see this impact their lives and families.
  • Ensure that every child and young person is supported and looked after in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Shape the Family Ministry around the core values of ICL:

Real: Children and young people genuine in their actions and attitudes and able to be honest and open about how they feel about faith and life.

Family: activities where all can feel welcome and be part of a relational community. That the kids and young people sense they are part of the bigger ICL family and that the adults see them this way

Simple: Activities that are age-appropriate, uncomplicated, consistent and fun

Passion: Children and young people being given the opportunity to discover about Christian faith and using their passions and gifts to impact those around them with God’s love.