Connect Groups

Through Connect Groups we want to create a place where people can be real with one another, can connect and can express their passion or interests; all in the simple format of a small group.

God has created individuals to be unique. Therefore, we want our different Connect Groups to reflect that uniqueness, giving room for innovation and creativity blended with good connection with our Sunday gatherings where appropriate. Our Connect Groups allow for freedom  and flexibility while focusing on common interests and creating opportunities for service.

Some groups are a mix of worship, prayer and study together as well as social activities. Others are more focused around an activity like cooking for instance.

If you would like to know more, please email: or contact a specific group leader from below.

Groups happening somewhere near you:

Leiden – Meets every other Friday at 19.45 – Contact: Jeff and Sherry Lee

Leiden – Meets every other Thursday – Contact: Arco and Judith

Merenwijk (Leiden) –  Meets every other Monday at 19.45 – Contact Henk and Ineke.

Oegstgeest – Meets every other Tuesday at 19.45 – Contact: Dave and Karen.

Radiate See Radiate page for more information or contact: Paulina Lucas

Spanish speaking group Meets every other Tuesday – Cesar and Marcia

Women’s Group – meets every Thursday at 10.00 am  – more details from Christina 

Creative Group – meets every other Wednesday at 20.00 – contact Paulina and Danielle

Sports Night Group – meets at 19.00 on Sundays (NFL til Feb, then 6 Nations Rugby and the like). Contact Jerome