To be a ‘planting of the Lord for the display of His splendour’ Isaiah 61:3


A Christ-centred international community that is planted to worship, grow and serve in the Leiden area and beyond

Our Vision…

We see ourselves planted to

be Christ centred – encountering the grace and life changing power of Jesus Christ and with His Holy Spirit’s help, living this out in all aspects of life.

be an international community –  from different nations growing together, seeking to be open to all regardless of background.

worship, grow and serve – all called to maturity as followers of Christ, to have fruitful lives and be reaching out to the world around us

have a sense of God given purpose and embrace where He calls us to live, work or study.

reaching the Leiden area and beyond with the love of Christ, which includes partnering with other local congregations and Christian groups.

support mission in the Netherlands and around the world through prayer, giving and going.

Central to our identity are our core values:

REAL – open and honest as we seek what it means to live out a genuine faith in Christ

FAMILY – a multi-national community for all ages

SIMPLE – uncomplicated and relevant for 21st Century life

PASSION – hearts stirred for God, for life, for others

As an international church, the make up of our community has many different nationalities. We use English as a common language, though all of our kids ministry and youth is bi-lingual, with Dutch as the other language.

We are part of the local church in the Leiden area and desire to serve alongside others to see this area impacted by Jesus Christ.

We are a member of the VPE, a network of Pentecostal/Evangelical churches in the Netherlands ( We are also a partner church in the Fellowship of European International Churches(

To see our statement of faith, which is in keeping with that of the VPE, see What we believe

ICL is thirteen years old now, having begun in 2004 in the home of Tim and Marketa Southerland who were here serving as missionaries from the USA (Assemblies of God World Missions). We are very grateful to AGWM ( for sending the Southerlands and other missionaries – it meant ICL being planted in Leiden.