A light to my path – whether it is clear or not!

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It is a fresh, sunny Spring morning as witnessed by this photo taken earlier up the road from where we live. Of course with it having been the Dutch elections yesterday, whether you consider it is sunny today, may depend on your view of the results!

I am guessing that most people are happy to see blue skies and sunshine when these come. Probably most, may be all of us, prefer it when life seems like that also? Yet what about when it is like this:

This was the same view as above but on a very misty morning in February. How do we respond when there seems to be a “fog” in our lives and the way ahead seems unclear?

We are in the period of time for Christians known as Lent in the run up to Easter. Jesus’ followers had great hopes for the one they were following. Yet those would become seemingly dashed. Christ would be arrested and they would flee. Even Peter who vowed he would stick by Jesus whatever happened, ended up frantically denying Christ three times when he was challenged by others. Worse than his arrest, for Christ would come a farcical trial, beating and impaling on a Roman cross.

A fog in their lives? More bitter than that, it was like darkness that came on those earliest followers. In fact Matthew in his Gospel records that darkness came over the land between noon and 3 pm as Christ hung crucified.

It all seemed to be over, hopes gone, the hearts of his disciples broken, his enemies triumphant! They didn’t know of course that resurrection day was coming!

Where are you at in life at present? Does the way seem clear or is there some kind of fog? Or even darkness?

In Psalm 119:105 we can read these words,

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”.

However life is, may we all know His leading, His light, His word speaking into our lives.

If life seems dark at present, don’t walk alone. Who can you reach out to?

If life seem light at present, don’t keep it to yourself. Who can you reach out to with the love of Christ? May be someone else you know needs assurance, a listening ear and your support?

I sign off for now, it is back out into the sunshine!