The Messiah in Isaiah

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The Messiah in Isaiah is an essay by Cor Blom. You can download the essay in two different formats: right-click the following links, then click on ‘Save link as…’ You can also read the Foreword below. epub file: The Messiah … Continued

Wait for the gift

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How good are you and I at waiting? Perhaps it depends on the situation and what we are waiting for? There is probably a difference for us between waiting for an ice cream on a sunny day or being stuck … Continued

Identity: Christ and Us

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Who am I? How does God view me? Now, when it comes to thinking about identity, I think it is good to actually begin by flipping these questions around the other way: How do I view God? Who is God? … Continued

Love 101

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What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘love’? May be a song, a book or a movie? Perhaps a particular person or memory? It could be a word that you think is just too over-used… things like … Continued

Faith even when we seem stuck

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 Last night, I was stuck… as I was on the night before too. I never used to be into doing Sudoku puzzles but Helen got me going with them a couple of years ago. Usually there are moments each time … Continued

Love poured out

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Tomorrow is the day after today – as usual of course! Yet, this particular tomorrow for some will be special since it is Valentines Day. Expressions of love will be shared between many. For others it can be a painful … Continued

Hope so

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  On New Year’s Day I was sat at the beach, looking across to this group of people, whilst I was drying off after going in the North Sea for a quick swim (very quick in fact). They were about … Continued

Don’t forget

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  Earlier I was having a walk up by the lake near where we live. As I passed a certain tree (there are many so I won’t try and explain which one!), I thought about how a few months ago … Continued

Christmas Delivered

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Christmas is coming! What comes to mind when you think of this time of year? Is it a hope for snow on December 25th? Well across the country we got that the other day, as the photo above from our … Continued