Rest and renewal amid new rhythms

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Easter has come and gone!  In the church calendar, the next big events are Ascension (when Christ left his disciples) and Pentecost (marking the pouring out of the Holy Spirit). Such markers can be a help with bringing rhythm and reminders … Continued

Happy Easter – don’t be alarmed

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A strange opening sentence you might say in response. Okay, but please read on… It is not quite the Easter we were all expecting a few weeks ago! Many people in the Netherlands were looking forward to a holiday weekend … Continued

Love that never ceases

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As I write this, it is a beautiful clear morning. Earlier I went out for a walk up to the lake near where we live, reminded by sprayed paint markings on the ground of the 1.5 metre rule. This said, … Continued

Where will we turn to?

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Here we are, doing church life ‘online’ amid corona virus realities. At the back of my mind today has been the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. Mmm, what’s that got to do with 21st Century life and pandemic coping? What … Continued

Are you our Missions Events Facilitator?

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ICL’s Missions Coordination is currently looking for a volunteer to facilitate in organising trips and heading a team to give practical help to missions where necessary. These events currently happen less than 3 times per year. Tasks include (though the … Continued

Love comes to Town

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What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘love’ and ‘justice’ alongside each other? Philosopher Cornel West commented once,  “Justice is what love looks like in public”   In the Gospel account of Matthew, a short but very significant … Continued

The Messiah in Isaiah

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The Messiah in Isaiah is an essay by Cor Blom. You can download the essay in two different formats: right-click the following links, then click on ‘Save link as…’ You can also read the Foreword below. epub file: The Messiah … Continued

Wait for the gift

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How good are you and I at waiting? Perhaps it depends on the situation and what we are waiting for? There is probably a difference for us between waiting for an ice cream on a sunny day or being stuck … Continued

Identity: Christ and Us

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Who am I? How does God view me? Now, when it comes to thinking about identity, I think it is good to actually begin by flipping these questions around the other way: How do I view God? Who is God? … Continued