Celebration and Remembrance!

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So this weekend (29th/30th March) we are celebrating that ICL is ten years old……

There is much to be grateful to God for. We believe that ICL is part of His church in the Leiden area and our aim continues to be that we can truly be a “planting of the Lord for the display of His splendour” (Isaiah 61:3)

In looking back, we are thankful for all the lives that have been touched by the gospel and people encouraged in their walk of faith. We are grateful for all those who were involved in seeing ICL planted and everyone who has served in all kinds of ways since.

In the midst of our celebrations, we also have some sadness due to the sudden recent death of Vincent, one of our congregation members. We are so glad that he was part of our community and that he was able to know the Lord more, as he expressed publicly through his baptism. Vincent served wholeheartedly and had a real heart for others.

We are confident that he is with the Lord now, though of course we will miss him. Please pray for his family and friends particularly, who are grieving at this time.

Thank you.

To everyone who is reading this and is either presently in ICL or has been in the past, thanks for being part of the journey.

If you are reading this, are local to the area but have never been to ICL – you are very welcome too!