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Is faith in God relevant for life in the 21st Century? If so, and God exists, what is God like? Has the life and teaching of Jesus anything to say about such questions? Does it really matter or make any actual difference in 2022?

If you or a friend/colleague ever ponder on such questions, then the ‘Explore’ sessions could be for you. It is an opportunity in an informal and open atmosphere to join others in looking at different aspects of Christian faith and life.

In previous Explore courses, topics have included:
Is faith in God relevant for life in the 21st century? If God exists, what is God like?
Does it matter who Jesus is? Why so much focus on Jesus dying?
If God is supposed to be loving, why is there suffering and evil in the world?
Are faith, questions and doubt enemies?
Can faith and science go along together?
Is there anything special about the Bible? If so, how can we best approach reading it?
What about prayer? Is it weird to think we can ‘talk’ to God?

It is planned to begin on the evening of Wednesday 1st February and will run for 7 sessions altogether. There will be a break on 22nd February for Ash Wednesday. So the last session will be on Wednesday 22nd March.

The discussions will be hosted by myself and Cor.

If you would be interested or think that a friend would be, you can find out more by contacting me via andy@ichurchleiden.nl.

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