If only it t’were so simple!

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If only it t’were so simple!

The above might sound like a strange line. It is from a scene in the comedy movie Hail Caesar. One of the characters keeps stumbling over the line as he just can’t say it. In the end, he opts instead, after various attempts for “It’s complicated!”

Last time I wrote, I touched a bit on being real. It is one of ICL’s core values. As is simplicity.

A simple faith…

What do those words bring to your mind?

May be it depends on the way you view the word ‘simple’. If seen as meaning not very mature or not having any substance, then why ‘simple’ is a core value for ICL will be missed.

This Sunday, I will speak from Hebrews 12:1-3 which includes the words, “fixing our eyes on Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of faith”.

Simplicity at ICL is about stripping away all that can mask us from seeing who Christ truly is – the One who has gone before, who has paved the way for us to know Father God. The One who is the origin and meaning of our faith. The One who is at work in our lives.

Simplicity at ICL is about seeking to be a community that does not get caught up in religious play-acting or falling out over issues that really are not essential to following Jesus Christ.

Simplicity at ICL recognises that life can be complicated enough without the need for church life to add more complication!

Simplicity is about having lives that are full of gratitude and generosity, that are thankful for all that we have yet not being ruled by possessions and money or ensnared by the lie that we need ‘more, more, more’!

Simplicity includes building in margin to our lives so that we have space to respond to the needs of others around and what we see in the news. Yet without becoming overwhelmed and paralysed by it all.

Simplicity includes having ‘rest’ in our lives…

That is a few remarks on what simplicity possibly looks like. I will leave it at that or else it will become a complicated list!!!

Why not take some time to reflect on what might simplicity look like in your every day life?

Grace and Truth