Journey to the centre?

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Firstly, if you are new to the Leiden area- either for study, work or other reasons – welcome!

If we were able to take a journey through the Earth’s core and survive – we would be able to describe our experience of passing through crust, mantle and core! Don’t worry, no need to full asleep  right now! Despite being an ex-Geography teacher I am not about to give a geology lesson!

All I will say is what is under the surface of the Earth, though largely unseen, shapes the land and the oceans of this world. The core is vital to our existence (alongside important factors like the Sun!)

For the next few Sundays, we are going to take some time to explore ICL’s core values – that is what is at the centre and influences who we are? To take time to look at some of the journey that has brought us to now.

When ICL was begun in 2004, a key phrase was from Isaiah 61:3 – “a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendour”. The group of people who began the congregation hoped and prayed that what was birthed would really honour God in the wider community, particularly among internationals (though not excluding local people either).

As they prayed and thought about things. four core values were agreed upon which have influenced who we are as a community ever since. These are:

Open and honest as we seek what it means to live out a genuine faith in Christ

A multi-national community for all ages

Uncomplicated and relevant for 21st Century life

Hearts stirred for God, for life, and for others

So, in the coming weeks. we will take time to re-visit these core values. How might such values continue to help us on our journey together as we re-build after multiple lockdowns and seek to follow Christ in a world full of all kinds of challenges?

Thanks for reading


PS If you are new – two lunches coming up

Sunday 4th September: Student lunch – opportunity to find out more about Radiate as well as ICL

Sunday 18th September: Newcomers lunch – opportunity to meet with others who are new and find out more about the church.