Moving to Leiden?


Many of us at ICL have moved to the Netherlands from other countries. We can relate to some of the challenges you may face settling in here. We want to share with you some of the resources we have found to be helpful.

General Information: (English) a helpful starting point for finding out all about life here in the Netherlands (English) another really helpful site with all kinds of information about living here. (Dutch) the website of the local city council, some of the pages are also in English  Various helpful starting points with information in English. The actual centre is off to the left at the city side of Leiden Centraal.

Leiden Expats – Yahoo group which you can apply to join via having a Yahoo ID. Lots of news about local expat events, furniture sales, a forum to ask advice and so on. Leiden Expats also has a Facebook page now too.

Taxes, immigration and housing topics:  The website of the Dutch Tax office – information available on here about tax and social security matters for instance. Click on English and then on Private Individuals. (English) the website of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. (Dutch) a site that acts as a good starting point to search for available rental housing and properties to buy.

Schools: (English) a guide to the international schools in the Netherlands. (Dutch) Information and links on Dutch speaking non-religious based schooling.