Reasons to be thankful? – part 2

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The other week I was sat up on the cafe terrace of the old V&D building for a meeting. The view was fantastic as it so often is!

We also had this visitor pictured right, who was somewhat persistent in seeking to partake in some of the cake that was in front of us. Despite being encouraged away a number of times, he/she/it, just kept coming!

It is a few days before “Sint” as I type. Christmas is also coming. It could easily just be a busy, busy, busy time for people and any joy or true thankfulness can get lost (let alone any sense of peace). This can especially be true when you add in the normal stuff of life or unexpected challenges that come our way! All kinds of things can pop up and we allow that to persistently knock the life out of us!

Pause… deep breath (particularly if any of the last paragraph resonates with you).

Can we be a bit like the ‘friendly’ pigeon and its persistence? In our case, to seek to be persistent with being grateful? To aim to find things to be thankful for everyday?

I know that is easier said than done. There have been days this week where I have missed seeing what I could give thanks for. (Plus do note I am not trying to suggest that we deny it when tough things happen for instance)

Gratitude is a powerful thing though.

The word ‘Advent’ refers to ‘coming’… the coming of Christ to earth. The God of universe taking on human form. Not pretending to do so but fully entering human life.

The gift of human life is from God but he also fully stepped into that life and knows first hand what it is like. Ultimately he laid his life down for you, me, our neighbours, fellow students, colleagues, friends, families.

Through that sacrifice, we can be made right with the Lord and with each other. If there is nothing else you can find to be grateful, why not allow that grace to encourage you again?

In Isaiah 7:14, we read of the Messiah being prophesied as “Immanuel” – that is God with us. Two chapters later we read of a “Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (see Isaiah 9:6). Perhaps there is something in those words that you need to hear afresh about who the Lord is. May be something to encourage you? Something to be grateful for?

Well I sign off for now, thankful for what was stirred in my thinking, by the persistence of a pigeon (by the way, it never did get any of the cake!)


PS For those who will be celebrating “Sint” in coming days, have a great celebration!