Right number but I can't get through!

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Great weather as I type, so I am not going to stay at the computer screen for long!

Last time I wrote a post for the website I referred to getting the wrong number whilst seeking to call my parents.

Something else also happened in trying to reach them.

I had the right number but due to some kind of blockage or fault, I could not connect with them despite trying a number of times across a few days.

Right number but I can’t get through!

Ever felt like that concerning God?

May be you have embraced that Jesus is the Way to know the Father (Check out John 14) but right now for whatever reason there seems to be a blockage or ‘fault on the line’. To put it another way, it is like there is a thick lead shield between you and heaven!

I’ve been there and I can’t say it is fun! But I also realise now that God had neither ceased to love me nor was He indifferent – even if it felt like it.

Right number but I can’t get through….

There can be all kinds of reasons that such a block happens – I am not actually going to attempt to list any here. Rather if you are in such a place, my heart is that you have ‘permission’ to admit it and assurance you are not abandoned by God.

A few suggestions….

  • Hold onto God’s promises and what the Bible says about who He is – I know if it feels you are in a really dark place that it can be hard to do. Perhaps it helps to write things down about who He is. Write something as a poem, a song. Paint something if your creativity can take you that way. Whatever it might be, do something to help you remind yourself who He is.
  • May be just focus on one Bible verse and phrase and keep coming back to that.
  • Still seek to be grateful to the Lord for something each day
  • Have others you can journey with and be open and honest to. That takes some risk but it can be really worth it.
  • Learn from others’ situations. It can help for instance just to know you are not alone in this. Pete Greig’s book “God on Mute” for instance is very good on this.
  • seek to find fresh ways to connect with the Lord (this Sunday for instance at ICL, our guest speaker will speak about more contemplative approaches to prayer and our walk with the Lord)
  • Don’t beat yourself up!
  • Don’t give up – you are not abandoned!

I am not suggesting the above as a ‘fix-all’. Perhaps instead it gives some food for thought to give hope for change.

I finish with a verse about His hope –

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.   Romans 15:13


ps I got through in the end to speak with my parents!