Sorry, wrong number!

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Yesterday I was trying to ring my parents in the UK and dialed the wrong number. I did not realise of course until a strange voice answered (unless it was mum pretending in order to fool me!!)

Both Helen and I this week received official letters from the UK with wrong information – it was easily corrected so no problem…

But, wrong number, wrong information…. ¬†How often do we accept the wrong information into our lives? And how easy is it to correct?

Do we listen to truth? Are we feeding on truth? Or are we allowing lies to effectively get through? Those lies are like a wrong number…. not something we need, but we can end up listening to them.

What do you believe about God? Not what do you think you are suppose to think in reply, but what do you honestly believe? Whatever it is, what is that based on?

How do you see yourself in relation to the Lord? Again what is shaping that?

Then what about others, like family members, friend, colleagues, fellow students or neighbours – what is shaping how you view them?

Why not take some time for example to reflect on a passage like Colossians 1:15-23. It says some incredible things about who Christ is but also who we can be in Him.

Well I will sign off for now. I never did get through on the phone yesterday so off to try again…. hopefully not a wrong number this time!