Time to Connect? Praying the Psalms

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How do you respond to the idea of praying and that we can ‘connect’ with God? Is this something you are positive, neutral or negative about? Maybe it varies how you see prayer. I can relate to that if it is the case in your life.

Prayer both on our own and with others – does it really have a relevance in 2022? Is it just ‘asking stuff’ and then hoping someone is listening and it might make a difference somehow?

If you have been involved with ICL in recent weeks, then you will know we have been focused on Embracing Justice. We looked at various parts of the Bible, including words like these –
“Let justice roll like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream”
Amos 5:24 New International Version

Maybe to something like that we openly respond “Yes!” Yet Scripture is also full of calls to pray and examples of people from all kinds of backgrounds praying in different circumstances. Again and again, we can read that those who sought for justice, were people who took time to pray.

Matthew in his Gospel records Jesus as saying,

 “When you pray…” (Matthew 6:5, New International Version). When not if. 

On various Sundays in May, June and July we will look at some ways of praying taken from the Psalms, linked across to Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:9-13 (what is sometimes called ‘The Lord’s Prayer’).

Below is what is planned to be looked at and when (of course life reality may mean we have to make some adjustments along the way). On Sundays that are not mentioned there will still be ICL services but other topics will be spoken about.

Time to Connect? Praying the Psalms:
May 1st –    Brief introduction about from the Lord’s Prayer(Matthew 6).  Adoration and thanksgiving: Psalm 96 – Andy speaking    (Our Father who is in heaven)
May 8th –    Meditation on God’s character: Psalm 33 – Creig speaking   (hallowed be your name)

May 15th – Intercession: Psalm 44 – Andy speaking  (Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven)
June 19th –  Petition: Psalm 13 – Andy speaking (give us this day our daily bread) 

June 26th –  Confession: Psalm 51 – Andy speaking (forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors)

July 3rd – Lament: Psalm 12 –   Helen speaking   (lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one)

July 10th – How might we ‘listen’ this summer?  – Psalm 131 –  Andy speaking

Time to connect with God? Is it even possible? Let’s explore this together with the help of the Psalms.