What Happens When We Meet

Our main altogether weekly gathering is on Sunday mornings at 11 AM. Our hope is that anyone will feel welcome at these gatherings. Everything is primarily in English and the style is informal. We have special activities (in both English and Dutch) for the children and the youth while the adults meet.

During a typical gathering, we aim to connect with God and with one another. Usually there is a mix of songs, prayers and a talk on relevant life issues and how faith in Jesus Christ is central and life changing. We seek to be open when we meet to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Regularly we also will have a different flavour on a Sunday such as seminar options, a family service or a guest speaker. We have also had film mornings as well as beach gatherings (not in the winter!)

If you are not sure quite what some or all of those last sentences mean – relax, come and check it out! It might just be a good fit for you.

There is plenty of time after the gathering to relax and chat over coffee, as well as opportunity to receive prayer. Also during the year we have various meals including a regular newcomers lunch for those who want to know more about ICL.

Our meeting place is the Visser ‘t Hooft Lyceum (Leiden Zuid).

You are very welcome to come earlier at 10am on Sundays, when there is opportunity for those not setting up, to gather and pray.

During the week, Connect Groups take place. These groups are part of the heartbeat of ICL, though you are still welcome of course to attend on Sundays even if you cannot be part of such a group. Plus Radiate exists specifically for students, Ignite meet every other Friday and there are opportunities for prayer and training.

There are all kinds of opportunities to serve within ICL – music, media, youth, kids, hospitality, welcoming, set up, prayer or practical serving in the community. See Service Teams for more information on getting involved.