What We Believe

We are a member church of the VPE, a network of Pentecostal/Evangelical churches in the Netherlands. As such, our statement of faith is in keeping with that of the VPE. This said, we welcome all people, regardless of belief, to attend our gatherings.

For those taking leadership and teaching roles in ICL, we do ask that they be able to essentially embrace what follows.

We believe:

• There is one God who is uniquely Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

• The ultimate revelation of God to mankind was in Jesus Christ coming. He was born of the virgin Mary, he was fully God and fully man and lived a sinless life. He died on the cross for humanity’s sin, was raised back to life by the power of God and ascended to the right hand of the Father.
• God created everything good and with purpose.

• Rebellion and sin separated people from relationship with God; it still does. All are in need of forgiveness and reconciliation to God.
• Restoration of relationship with God comes through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and asking Him to be Lord of our lives. His death on the cross makes our forgiveness possible.

• The Holy Spirit is the promised Helper sent from the Father through Jesus. He works to transform us to Christ-likeness. Baptism in the Holy Spirit empowers and equips believers in order to be witnesses of Christ through their lives, actions and words. This includes the giving of spiritual gifts to the church.
• The Bible comprising both the Old and New Testaments as the inspired word of God, reveals His character, will and purposes. The Bible is the all sufficient rule for faith and practice.

• The Church is made up of all disciples of Jesus Christ around the world. As members of the one body of Christ, we seek to live and serve in unity with all who similarly acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord. All believers in Christ are called to go and make other disciples. We also recognise the importance and value of believers being an active part of a local church community, as we worship together, grow, serve and reach out to others.
• The Lord Jesus gave certain visible sacraments for his church to perform, baptism in water for believers and Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper.

• Baptism in water is the demonstration that a believer is committed to Jesus Christ as his or her Saviour and Lord and that God’s grace of salvation has been given and received. All who become believers in Christ are to answer the call to be baptised in water.
• In celebrating Holy Communion, we proclaim Christ’s death and resurrection until He comes again and His presence amongst us now by His Holy Spirit.

• One day Jesus Christ will return to judge those alive at the time and those who have already died. To be separated from God in eternity is hell. Yet being with God in eternity is offered through the forgiveness and salvation that God provided in Jesus Christ.